A Vintage Wedding

I will start out by saying that you can't get much better than this past weekend. Crawfish, a roadtrip, a wedding, a bonfire, a few backroads,some of my very best friends, a little family time and I got to babysit sweet Hayes!!

On to the vintage wedding:

8 of us (Me, Kendol, Tiffany, Colby, Elise, Brad, David and Ann) piled in Mrs. George Ann's Suburban and began our roadtrip to Glen Allen to see our good friends, Scotty and Faith, get married. Here are a few pictures from backroads roadtrip and the precious, vintage, outside wedding. O my goodness, it was so cute.

Here we go!!
(P.S. this just might be the cutest wedding you've ever seen)

Trying to keep warm by the candlelight!!! It was freezing.

I want one of these benches... like bad!!

The View

Food Table


Dessert Table

Cake Table


Elise, Tiffany, Ann, Nicole and I
I look like an Ogre and my dress is not flattering at all... please ignore.

Us girls with the bride!

Two Favorite Boys

Most Favorite Boy!!

Faith and her Sweet Momma!

Itta Bena boys!

We make a pit stop and this is what the boys bring us!!
Classy Ladies

We had to stop at Roy's Store. It was the only thing between here and there!!

At Roy's Store!

The beautiful delta!

Katie and Mal joined in on the fun!!! YAY

Bestest Friends!

Now on to a few "Monday Must Haves"

"Britton Tyler" Picture Frame. I can guarantee you that you won't find a prettier picture frame at a better price. Michaelle and Tyler make the best!!!
(That's a facebook link... if it doesn't work, search them on facebook)

Finally got my Wedding pictures framed!!
This is a 10x20

And another fav wedding pic is finally framed.
This is a 8x16

I'm pretty sure these little finds are self explanatory.
Precious and Practical!!

Ok... I think I am done for the day!!!

Happy "Monday" Everyone

This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.
~Psalm 118:24

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