Wee Bit Wednesday

O my gosh, could this day/week get any busier?? I'm not complaining, but I had to take a 30 second break before my head exploded and this is what I chose to do.

{one} when was the last time you used a pay phone (if ever)?
I guess since using the payphones in highschool.

{two} did you ever fail a subject in school?
Nope, but I did have a D in college. Thank goodness for those two chances at academic forgiveness.

{three} where do you go to get your favorite hamburger/cheeseburger?
ooo Five Guys or Mugshots!! YUM Can't freakin wait for Five Guys in Dogwood to open.

{four} have you ever served jury duty?
Nope, thank goodness. (knock on wood)

{five} how old were you when you moved out of your parents’ house?
At 18, when I went to college. I moved back in for about a month after I graduated, until I moved to Jackson.

{six} what is your favorite color to wear?
It seems like I always have on some type of black item. I don't plan it that way, though.

{seven} do you have a pair of shoes that you wear all the time?
OOO, yes, I wear my black Toms, Old West cowboy boots and Rainbow flip flops religiously.

{eight} do you enjoy talk radio?
That would be a big negative, but I toughed it out and listened to talk radio for 4 of 6 hours on the way to Florida last week. Atleast it was football talk!! (Kendol's OBSESSED with talk radio)

{nine} if you could turn one unhealthy food into a healthy one, what food would it be?
Pizza or Mexican food, for sure.

{ten} who is the best speaker you’ve ever heard in person?
Hmmm... I guess the most interesting to me would be Archie Manning or Zig Ziglar.

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