Please Take Me Back Home.... to The Delta

Ok, so it seems there are tons of songs coming out these days about little country towns and riding backroads. And, of course, everytime I hear one, it almost brings me to tears. I guess if you aren't from the Delta, you don't understand. It really is just the best place on earth. It really can't be explained. But I heard a song this morning, on my 45 minute commute to work... and I got so homesick. O, what I would give to spend a night riding back roads, drinking beer and listening to the best country music, maybe even hit up Roebuck Lake... Please, take me back home.. To Itta Bena!!

Maybe it's the:
the scenery
the small town, simple life
the 2 minute commute to work
the friends and family
the backroads
the hunting
the farming
the rich history
the blues
the food
the miles of fields

I really can't explain what it is that's so great, but everytime I drive home and hit the flatland, I get chills and have the urge to take a picture. Of course, it would look just like the picture I took last time I came home.

One thing I can guarantee, there is no prettier sight than a cotton field in full bloom. It puts the biggest smile on my face every. single. time. O, I just can't wait. You can call me crazy. You can call me redneck... country... whatever you would like. I really don't care!! As Dorothy said, "There's no place like home."

Somewhere between there on a dirt road
When I rolled down my window
She smelled the scent of wildflowers on the summer wind
With just a bite of homeade ice cream
And a glass of Momma's sweet tea
This ol' holler's got a way of makin' friends
She'd never seen a glowin' field of fireflies
Or the twinkle of a star in a southern sky
She fell in love

~Jason Aldean "Country Boys World"

"Country Boys World" ~ Jason Aldean

"Dirt Road Anthem" ~ Jason Aldean

"Country Girl, Shake it for Me" ~ Luke Bryan

"Barefoot, Blue Jean Night" ~ Jake Owens

"HomeBoy" ~ Eric Church

"Honey Bee" ~ Blake Shelton

"Crazy Girl" ~ Eli Young Band


  1. thank you thank you thank you for this post :)
    tj and i are moving our family back to Greenwood this summer & just when i was starting to wonder if we had gone crazy i saw this pop up! you have reaffirmed all the positives in moving back!

  2. O Les, I am so jealous!! Yall are going to love raising Preston and Greer there!