Let me please just brag for a second on how cute my new 31 Gifts bag is!! I am just a little obsessed with it and can't wait to use it during football season.

Why do I need that small of a cooler for tailgating, you ask?? Well, for one thing, we can transport small foods (cheese, sauces... etc) to Starkville that need to stay cold. Secondly, it is for when we go wandering. I always take a small pink cooler like this, for when we leave our tailgate and walk around to all of the others. So, I decided we needed a festive MS State cooler, instead of a pink one... and it turned out precious. I can't wait to use it.

Also, I have a "large utility tote" that I carrry everything in to the tailgate, such as all of our food, plates, cups, napkins, blankets, jackets, serving dishes... you know anything you might need.  This bag is pretty big and holds a ton, which is convenient when your trying to only make one trip. That is what I am going to have to work on next. A MS State themed tote, as well..Too bad this bag doesn't come in the grey and white polka dot..

Anywho, if you are a tailgater and don't have these two bags... you need to get them asap!! The cooler comes in a white with navy polka dots... HELLO!!! "Hotty Toddy" in red would be presh, for all of you Ole Miss folks.

And, I'll just throw this one in, for heck of it. Because it's my favorite bag that I have.. for obvious reasons!!! This is also the large utility tote. Perfect for storing your wrapping supplies, toting everything to all of the 1,000 Christmas parties you will attend, toting your presents... and for storage until next year, for all of those things you don't necessarily want to stuff in a box or stuff you purchase on sale after Christmas, after everything's already packed up for the year. Hence the reason mine's filled to the top!!

Anywho, when my cooler came in, I got a little excited and just had to share with yall.
P.S. Can anyone tell that I miss football season and Christmas!
P.S. If you would like to purchase something, I have a super fantastic saleslady named Krista!! Here is the link to her website: Thirty One Gifts

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  1. I'm in trouble! Already emailed Krista, LOVE the bags!!!