Marathon Monday

9/21- 4.6 Miles
9/23- 2 Miles (as fast as I could go)
9/26- 7.3 Miles

This past week, I was hoping for an 8 mile run. Sadly, I report that I only made it 7.3 miles. But, I did increase my distance from last week and ran faster, so I'll take it!! I've been working on trying to get a little faster and it's working!!!! Last week, I ran 7 Miles in 1 hr and 15 minutes. This week, I ran 7.3 Miles in 1 hr and 13 minutes. So that's .3 more miles in 2 less minutes. I'll take that, as well!!
Also, during my two mile run, I set a new record on my ipod for my fastest mile, to date. I ran 9 min 43 second miles. I'm sure to most that's not that fast, but for me that's DAMN good. So i'm proud of myself :)

I can't wait to run today in this cool weather. It's so much easier.

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