It's (ALWAYS) a Great Day to be a Bulldog!

"It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game."

This is the quote that came to mind last night (somewhere between sorority row and getting rear ended by drunk girl at the stop sign on old 25) when I was leaving Starkville after our heartbreaking loss to Auburn. SO CLOSE. Although, I don't completely agree with the quote bc of course everyone wants to win, we did play a very good game last night!! No we did not win, but we did hold our ground to a 3 point game against the #21 team in the nation and proved that we can compete.

I don't think anyone went into the game last night saying "we will definitely win tonight." I think everyone went into the game with lots of confidence in our team and coaches in a game against a SEC school for the first time in a while and that's why it seemed like a bit of a let down. But honestly, it wasn't a let down at all. Those boys did some pretty awesome things throughout the game, that in past years, we could have never pulled off. A surprise on-side kick that actually worked... blocked an Auburn field goal attempt... our defense left Cam Newton and the tigers (war eagles... whatever the hell they are ha) scoreless the whole second half. We forget about all of the great things we did, all because we lost. We just have to remember, we are in the process of re-building and trying to develop a winning team, not trying to win the freakin' national championship. We can't win them all, but we can learn from our mistakes and further perfect all of the great things that we can do!!

I have to look at it this way.. We were not meant to win that game bc believe me I did enough praying for everyone in the stadium!!! For some reason, unknown to us, God did not intend for us to win that game.  We don't always understand God's plan, but I do KNOW that God has BIG plans for Dan Mullen and the Mississippi State Bulldogs! 

"Thanks bulldog fans and students for doing your job in the stadium. We WILL come through for you" tweeted Dan Mullen this morning. Dan you're STILL the Man!! Don't you worry, we are all behind you and the Bulldog team 100%!!! Now let's get some revenge on those Tigers down in Louisiana next weekend!!

and last but not least... win, lose or draw


Momma and Daddy came to the game!!! YAY

Kalley, Brister, Rob, Havis, Kendol and Myself at the Tailgate


At the end of the day this will make anyone smile. Matching Mother/Daughter hair ribbons and a SCRUNCHY!!!

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