It's Fall Ya'll


Top Ten Reasons I Love Fall:

1) The Decorations.
I know, to some, this may seem dumb, but I love any excuse to decorate. I already have my orange and yellow polka dot pumpkin hanging on the door, the yellow mums in the pot and a real pumpkin sitting out. Don't worry- We will be getting more pumpkins to carve, closer to Halloween!

2) Halloween
This is the most fun part of fall. Kendol and I are kind of obsessed with dressing up for halloween (who am I kidding... I love any excuse to dress up and be ridiculous) and it will be extra hard to outdo ourselves this year. You just about can't hardly beat our Dog and Beth the Bounty Hunter costumes or our Nascar Fan attire from this past year. We have our work cute out for us this year, kids!

3) Cowboy Boots
I finally get to pull my cowboy boots back out of the closet and wear them all the time... and by "all the time" I mean every single day. If you don't have any cowboy boots, you should definitely get some. And may I make a suggestion: Get the Old West Ones. They are the cutest "real" cowboy boots out there and they aren't expensive. I have them in the lighter color and now they make dark brown and I MUST have them! Soooo who's buying them for me??

4) Bonfires
You just can't beat sitting outside around a bonfire... that's all.

5) Great Weather
Fall Weather is just right. It's cold, but it's not freezing. I don't handle freezing very well.

6) The Fireplace
Sitting in front of the fireplace is one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE things to do.. hands down. It drives me nuts that we don't have a real wood burning fireplace with a hearth to sit on, but ours gets the job done, just fine!! That is my number 1 priority for our next house.. yes I'm serious... it is a MUST!

7) Hot Chocolate
Ok.. Ok.. Ok.. I admit that I drink hot chocolate year round, but now I just don't sound so dumb ordering it. Being that there's a Cups inside my office buildingm, I get them regularly bc I'm always cold. "Yes, I know it's 107 degrees outside, may I please get a medium Hot Chocolate with Caramel?"

8) Football
Of course I have to mention football. I am sure that you are all well aware that I am a huge football fan, so I won't elaborate. I talk about it enough on here.
Go Dawgs!
Geaux Saints!

9) Sweatshirts
If you know me at all, then you know that I am a huge sweatshirt fan. I will be wearing one pretty much every second I'm not at work or when I have to be dressed up.

10) Holiday Parties
One of the main reasons that I love fall is bc there is always something going on!! Whether it be a halloween party, thanksgiving get together, wedding... etc. There is always a party going on and I love that!!

I love fall bc that means it's almost Christmas time, which just so happens to be my favorite time of the year. I actually saw my first Christmas related commercial over lunch. I love everything about Christmas... the  reason for the season, the decorating, the candles, the gifts, the family time, the get togethers, the food, the wrapping paper, the music... etc. It really is the most wonderful time of the year.
By the way: Is it too early to start listening to Christmas music?


  1. Straight up... My pandora is set on Mariah Carey Christmas!! Never too early!

  2. I love this list...makes me EVEN more excited that fall is here FINALLY! We pretty much have the same loves, which doesn't surprise me at all! Gotta get me some cowboy boots, though! And HECK no, it's never ever too early for Christmas music. I heard Mariah has a new Christmas CD coming out! AH! Hope you're having a fab Tuesday, dear!