Good Ole' Fashion Bulldog Beatdown

"Based on Saturday's weather forecast, it's safe to say God is a college football fan" tweeted MS State Athletic Director Scott Stricklin last Wednesday.

This past Friday, Kendol and I packed up and headed to Starkville for the first football game of the year!! We arrived in the Junction Saturday morning at 9:30 a.m. for a 6:00 p.m. game. Yes, 9:30 a.m., you read that correctly!! And yes, the weather was absolutely perfect. We could not have asked for a better opening game experience! Thousands tailgating, cowbells ringing like crazy, great food, great friends, pretty much everyone participated in the white out and there was a sold out crowd for the 4th game in a row at Davis Wade Stadium!!!  

Not only did we beat the Memphis Tigers, we gave them a BIG OLE BULLDOG BEATDOWN. The final score ended up being 49-7. It would have been awesome to shut them out, but since "The School Up North" lost, I guess that makes up for it! (it's all in rivalry fun Ole Miss folks, don't get your panties in a bunch. You will be excited if/when we lose too. Yes I said "if we lose" ha ha... I have high hopes/expectations for the season) Also, I must say Congratulations to Tyler Russell being named SEC Freshman of the week. What an impressive game he played in his debut!!  Russell was SEC Freshman of the week... Cam Newton of Auburn was SEC Offensive player of the week... Should make for a great game on Thursday. But, let's not forget Relf, he played a pretty awesome game himself!! Much improved.

Scott Stricklin also said "Our fans are engaged at an unbelievable level right now," which is so true!! Mississippi State, in my opinion, has always had the most loyal, faithful fans. We have been through some pretty terrbile seasons over the years and none of our fans have given up on our team yet, making this a very exciting time at MSU! Things are finally looking up. The atmosphere this past Saturday was unreal and I believe it will be even more exciting on Thursday bc it's a much bigger game. No I am not going into the Thursday's game expecting we will beat Auburn by any means, but yes I know we can do it if we play like we did on Saturday! With Mullen as our coach, I'm beginning to think anything is possible. He has brought our team a VERY long way and has turned our football program all the way around!! I've read that MS State played better on Saturday than we have in 10 years. I'm hoping that the team will play that hard and with that much enthusiasm throughout the whole season.

After Saturday's game I agree with Stricklin. God is most definitely a college football fan!  Gosh, I hope we beat Auburn at home! How awesome would that be!!

"For with God anything is possible" Luke 1:37

My view of Davis Wade Stadium at 9:30 a.m on gameday

Kendol and I

First Tailgaters watching some early morning football on tv!!

The first few tailgaters of the day at the tent!!

Tailgate Sign

Loved this t-shirt in front of us!

Celebrating during the game!


See ya Thursday Starkville!! Let's sell out another game and put another Bulldog beatdown on some more Tigers!!

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  1. Although you know how I feel about State, I love this post haha such good times. And good rivalry :) I totally thought y'all were going to win last night! This should be an interesting season, for sure! Happy Friday, dear!