Over the Weekend

This past weekend was one of the best in a while for quite a few reasons.

First, we spent Friday night with great friends catching up over some Mexican food. Much needed.

Then on Saturday Mallory, Kendol and I headed out bright and early for Starkville. The 5 a.m. wake up call did not go very well for Mallory and I, but we made it in the car in one piece before the sun came up. And for that, I believe we deserve a medal.

As we arrived in Starkville, it was raining a bit so parking was a disaster since there was "no parking on any grass". After a visit with some Boy Scouts who were raising money with a parking lot, we made the hike to campus. Arriving at the Junction by 8 a.m. just in time to get a few good hours of tailgating in before the 11 a.m. kickoff. As much as I hate the morning game times, I love the food and drinks that go along with it: Sausage balls, Pigs in a Blanket, Mini Sausage Quiches, Cinnamon Rolls, Mimosas, Bloody Mary's.. just to name a few. It is so weird on these early morning game days bc we are usually among the first to arrive in the Junction and we get to watch it fill up and greet everyone that makes our way past our tent. When we arrive on days like this, we are just another face in the mob of people rushing to get everything set up and ready for the day.

I have to admit that even thought I am aware that we have a great team this year, I am still a bit skeptical. I have to be.. for my health.. We are Mississippi State after all. But all skepticism might be kicked to the curb after Saturday's win over Auburn. Yes, you read that right. Mississippi State beat Auburn. Those words don't normally even go in the same conversation, much less the same sentence. Let me just say it again for effect, Mississippi State University beat Auburn University. It was a great game and the Bulldogs showed out a little.

But my favorite part of the day was getting to spend the game with my little sister and her boyfriend. The couple that usually sits with us couldn't make it to this game, so the two of them filled their seats. It was a great time even though they spent most of the game just laughing at mine and Kendol's intensity towards the game. We have to work on sister's love for football. It's a bit lacking at the moment. Kendol's best line of the game (as he frantically thought the girl in front of us was leaving in the third quarter.. he's very supersticious): "Where are you going?! You can't leave! We are beating Auburn! We have to hug and kiss and sing Kumbaya after this is over!!" to which Eleanor died out laughing and rolled her eyes while saying "Yep, he's definitely a Boy Scout Leader.."

And then I busted my butt in front of everyone... but that's not important..

Pardon us... we had been rained on.


After a full afternoon of tailgating, we headed home. But not without a pit stop to Papa John's first.

And this is what Sunday looked like... DUH.. Poor little Saints didn't do so hot, but my fantasy team did. Stephanie and I are neck and neck... point for point.. as always!!! May the best (Wo)man win tonight :)

And there was also a little park action with Hayes :)
In the 70 degree weather!!


  1. Hail State!! :) And yes, being a fan of MS State also means you are a skeptic. This girl too! Glad you had such a great weekend and shared it with us!

  2. cute dress in your tailgating pics - congrats on the win! also, lance moore for the saints was a friend of mine in high school. he's a great guy, so i always cheer for him and the saints. :)

  3. congrats on 2-0. maybe one day the ms schools will be the new alabama and lsu. maybe.

  4. Can you just imagine what our blog posts are going to look like after the Egg Bowl (if y'all come to Oxford :)) It'll be the BEST BLOG POST EVER.

  5. I love football season! Looks like y'all had So. Much. Fun!

  6. how do you manage to look so gosh darn beautiful with that 5am wake-up call? glad you had such a great weekend and your team won!

  7. All I can say is: yay for football season! So exciting!

  8. I love this post! Go Dawgs!! We are huge MS State fans and live in Little Rock. It doesn't go over well here. ;) We were SUPER pumped about the Dawg win over the Tigers/War Eagles (whatever their mascot is). ;) Loving your blog! Excited to follow along from AR! :)