Around the House

As I begin my two+ year journey of "waiting" to build a house, I am able to think of all of the possibilities and Holy Cow, is it overwhelming. We had picked out a house plan and have now moved on to another house plan. I don't believe it will change, but I cannot say for sure that it won't. The possibilities are endless and that is scary. Mainly because I have champagne taste on a beer budget.

Kendol doesn't get it but I already can't sleep at night because I try and place each piece of furniture we already have into what rooms I think they best fit in the new house plan. Why? Two reasons.

One. I must know what existing furniture is (possibly) going into which room to begin the narrowing down process of color schemes therefore picking out paint colors. Two. I need to know what pieces of furniture we need to be on the look out for over the next few years so that we are not in a rush to find something when the time comes and it not be exactly what we want. I am usually pretty passive and laid back. Not with this. I can't be.

There are a few things that we already know and agree completely on that are musts:
Front porch 
Hardwood/Brick Floors in certain areas 
House must look country. I am not having a modern house in the middle of the woods. That's silly.
NO white cabinets (or white anything really... gets too dirty) 
Decent sized laundry room and closets (ours are matchbox sized now) 
Hearth to sit on in front of the fire place (call me spoiled if you want but that's my favorite spot in a house... if there's a fire, that's where I'm sitting) 
Island in the kitchen 
Pool.... Kidding... Kinda..

Anywho, of course with all of this craziness I have been scouring pinterest like a mad woman! Ok, I already psychotically scoured the website for home ideas before this... but that's neither here nor there. On pinterest I just have everything in one big folder, so I want to kind of organize and share some of my ideas along the way. See how much changes.. how much stays the same.

First Up: Cabinet Colors

Source: google.com via Callie on Pinterest

My current favorite color for kitchen cabinets.
(that's why it's first..)
Just picture them with brick floors.
O my!

Source: indulgy.com via Callie on Pinterest

Source: houzz.com via Callie on Pinterest


  1. i LOVE brick walls and back splashes!!

    happy wednesday!

    xoxo, sarah grace

  2. Eeek! So exciting! I feel ya though! Matt & I are planning on buying a house right after we get married, hopefully, & my mind is already going 90 to nothing figuring out how I want to decorate a house that I have no clue what it looks like! HA! A girl can dream though! I know y'alls house will be beautiful though!!!

  3. Brick floors sound gorgeous!! I love the colors of the cabinets! I think Pinterest will be wonderful for ideas when you are deciding on all of the possibilities!

  4. You've got great taste!! There are SO many options when it comes to building!

  5. oh i can't wait for your real house to be done so i can see all the loveliness you put into it!!

  6. You seriously should have just done interior design! I love your taste. What area are y'all building in?