I believe..

I believe in God's perfect timing.

Kendol and I met 2 weeks before college graduation.
I believe a Sonic Coke can turn a whole day around.

I believe that a back road with country music blaring on the radio makes for the best day.

I believe a day in the country is good for the soul.

I believe in over the top Christmas spirit and I believe in great gifts.

I believe that even though Mississippi gets a bad rap most of the time, it is one of the most beautiful places and has most beautiful people (inside and out).

I believe there's nothing better than a day spent on the beach with my chair on the edge of the water and a beer in my hand.

And I believe in a good tan. Everyone looks better with a little color, in my opinion.

I believe learning to run really has changed my life for the better.
Right before we ran the St. Jude Half Marathon.

I believe in taking chances. Isn't that what life's all about?

I believe in continuing to "date" your spouse?

I believe in being yourself even if others think you're a little crazy.

I believe you can never have too many pairs of blue jeans... or cowboy boots.

I believe in a beautiful dress.

I believe in lazy days spent on the couch in your pjs..

I believe in a stuffing my face with Mexican Food weekly..

I believe every girl should know how to shoot a gun.

And I also believe every girl should own a set of Pearls.

I believe in retail therapy.

I believe in living every single day to the absolute fullest.

I believe in a good rap song and a legit dance party.

I think I spot a little sprinkler action
And I believe in any excuse for a themed party.

Dog and Beth the Bounty Hunters
I believe in manners and that everyone should say "Yes mam" and "No mam."

I believe in Zumba.. Seriously it works. Try it.

I believe in a good girls weekend.

My bachelorette party at the lake!!
I believe in living in your sorority house. It's where the best friends and memories are made during college.

I believe there are still good kids out there despite the crazy conditions of this world that they are being raised in. (Ex. my little sister)

I believe in bonfires... 

I believe in my husbands culinary skillzzz... Boy can cook y'all.

I believe the right scarf can complete any outfit.

I believe in intense loyalty.

I believe in tough love and competition

I believe that a cotton field in full bloom is one of the most beautiful sights in the world.

I believe in the power of good music.

I believe in family time.. and lots of it!

I believe Justin Timberlake WILL make music again... One day...

I believe any drink is better when served in a mason jar

I believe your wedding day really is the best day of your life.

I believe in a forgiving and encouraging God and for that I am Most thankful.

And lastly, I believe in myself.
Something I probably could not have confidently said just a few months ago.


  1. Amen to everything. Tyler and I met 2 weeks before he graduated. You know I love a good cotton field! Love a good mason jar drink, good manners, and a good girls weekend! Why don't we live closer! We should do a post on how pretty cotton is. I don't think most readers understand the true beauty!

  2. LOVE this!! Love all the boot, country, mason jar talk!! I, too, believe in ALL of these things!

  3. I believe that this has quite possibly made my day and is the most well said bloggity blog I've ever read!

  4. I can not agree more about a cotton field and a drink out of a mason jar! I am blessed to drive through some cotton fields going to work and I did it this morning with sunroof open smelling the "cotton" with my music blaring. Daniel sent me pics from the field he was working in today and it made my day! I'm sad thinking we probably won't see much next year...

  5. Beautifully said and I couldnt agree more with what you believe in!!!!! xoxo!!!!

  6. I adore this post and I believe I love you! :) I have those same cowboy boots that you have the close up pic of - love them!!

  7. I believe this is the best "I believe" list I've seen!

    I 110% agree with you that every girl should know how to shoot a gun! I also agree that a back road and country music can make for the best day!

  8. Love your list! We believe in lots of the same things! And as deep rooted Mississippi girls I believe we should! :)