The Great Debate

It's that time again... 
Fantasy Football time, of course.

When this whole girl's league began, we all had girly names. I started out as Touchdowns and Tiaras (taken from Toddlers & Tiaras) and I won my rookie season. So the name stayed through season 2, but I shortened it to "TnT" because I couldn't handle the girly-ness. Well, season 2 didn't pan out like season 1, so I can give up the name. It is no longer the ole' good luck charm. 

This is where the great debate comes into play. 
I need your opinions.
Here are my new name options:

1. Boobie Trap 
(after Anthony "Boobie" Dixon of MSU now in SF)

2. Off the Chaney 
(after Jamar Chaney of MSU now in Philly)

3. Stop, Drop and Sproles
(after Darren Sproles of the Saints)

4. Jimmy Thing 
(after Jimmy Graham of the Saints)
(a little shout out to DMB)

5. Marvinitas 
(Kendol's nickname is Marve.. He is the Marvinators in all of his leagues)

6. Calliente 
(after my own name, obvi)

And now you know what keeps me up at night.
And how much of a loser I really am.
You're Welcome.

And don't even think about stealing my ideas.. 
(Not really..)


  1. all of them are great...and hilarious.
    but its an easy choice - off the chaney. too funny & clever & (hopefully) a for sure win

  2. Calliente.. I think that's my favorite!

  3. Boobie Trap!!! -- it has dual meaning considering it's a girl's league too :)