Just Because..

Just because..
I needed to hear this... And I thought someone else out there might need to hear it too. My patience has been running thin in every aspect of my life. I have always been a very patient, easy-going person, but these days, there's very little of either going on in my life. In other words... I am Captain of the Struggle Bus!


  1. Every word of this post applies to me as well right now. THANK YOU for posting! I'll be thinking about you in this time!

  2. Captain of the struggle bus! Never heard that one before! LOL! Seriously though, I feel like there are a lot of us going through this right now - why, who knows!? But, I saw this on your Pinterest a while back & LOVE it! It's the truth! Hope things start getting better! Hugs to you sweet friend!!!

  3. Hang in there, pretty girl! I'm clinging to that promise... YOU do too!

  4. you got this! sometimes we just need a good reminder :)