Sunday, I spent the afternoon starting to clean out our house. Yes, clean out our house. That seems so unreal, but it has to begin at some point. I organized the linen closet and did away with a few things. I straitened up the back bedroom and organized the closet as best I could. Then it was on to the kitchen. I cleaned out all of the drawers and started on a few cabinets. Before I knew it, I had thrown out 6 garbage bags full of junk.

Now it's Monday, and so far today I have... woken up about 15 minutes early, actually put my make up on at home instead of in the car, actually eaten breakfast... fruit to be exact.. and currently have a water in hand instead of a coke... What is the deal, y'all?? Have I turned over a new leaf? I sure hope so.

It's so sad that I'm proud of the above, but I am chalking it all up to being refreshed. We spent the weekend at home with my parents. It's the first full weekend in a while that I've spent up there with them where there weren't 30 things to be done and a reason to rush back home. We literally went on Friday afternoon and hung out all weekend. We had a little fish fry on Friday night, an engagement party on Saturday night, followed by a little sister time til 2:30 am.and a huge family lunch on Sunday, to top it all off. (homemade fried chicken, lima beans, purple hull peas, cornbread, fried corn, slaw, tomato slices... etc.. Whoa) I may have gained 5 lbs but it was just what I needed.


  1. Girlfriend you're on a roll! I need to start going through stuff too! I did before we moved but, I feel like I need to clean out more! HAHA! Funny that putting make-up on at home is an accomplishment because that was my EXACT accomplishment this morning too! Except, that my hair is up in a messy bun today sooo... there's the whole not having to really do my hair thing. I'll stick with the plus side of things though! HAHA!

  2. Heck yeah I like to hear this Cal! I have been starting my mornings with water instead of a diet drink too, helps me with my H2O intake!

  3. I just love this. Makes me happy to see you so content. I just recently totally did an overhaul on all of the things I own and the amount I got rid of was RIDICULOUS. It makes ya feel a lot better. And hey, I've got my tennis shoes on, just got off work, and about to go walk. Who am I?! Miss you, sweet friend!

  4. I hear you! It's nice to clean out some of the junk we possess. So glad you are feeling it, these days! Happy Week to you!

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