Throw Some Glitter.. Make It RAIN

On Thursday Mallory and I headed down to Santa Rosa, FL for our friend Meagan Rae's bachelorette party!! It was not your typical long weekend at the beach, but hey... a rainy weekend at the beach is better than not being there at all. And by rainy, I mean we were in the middle of a tropical storm.

Rain or shine, we had a fabulous time and shared lots of laughs!!!
..and champagne!!
..and dancing!!
..and cupcakes!!
Lots of cupcakes!!

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  1. Did you make those champs glasses?? I was following along on Insta & FB (gah I sound like a stalker! LOL!) buuut, it looked like y'all had a great time despite all the rain!! Your "Throw Some Glitter Make It Rain" sign fit all too well, huh!?