Y'all... I think all of this rain is starting to get to my head. For reals.... I mean if there's going to be this much water in one place at one time, I better be sitting on the beach somewhere with a drink in my hand... Now back to the rain getting to my head. I am usually a color person. Like color everywhere. I hardly ever fall for the creams and khakis. But O, My-Lanta have I been pinning some neutral beauties lately and I figured I should share them with y'all!! Tell me you don't drool??

That bed... I die.

Again.. that bed... I die.

Source: bhg.com via Callie on Pinterest

I can only dream to have this much creativity with a space...

Source: houzz.com via Callie on Pinterest

Welp... Looks like I've found the dream bathroom... Did ya hear that Kendol??

Source: i.pinger.pl via Callie on Pinterest

Need those pants... stat!

How perfect is the Stella and Dot Ginger Bib Necklace with this dress? 

Swoon, I tell ya!!
Too bad I could never have any of the above... I'd have every room destroyed, mustard on those white slacks and a snag in that lace before I even walked out the door.


  1. GIrl! I am drooling over all these photos!!! I hope one day to have a classic home and wardrobe as those above! If only I wasnt completely terrified of anything white! Im that girl to spill ketchup on her cream pants!

  2. I am dying over that first bed! & I'm with you... I've been loving the neutrals lately! I think b/c it's much easier to change up the colors in the room that way!

  3. I'm always for a neutral pallet! Great inspiration!


  4. i need all of the above, alas it will never happen.

  5. Swoon is for real, girlfriend! Love all of these neutrals!

  6. I adore those beds! Could you ship those to me, ASAP! I'll take both! kThanks.