S.P.D. Back in Black

I have been wanting to participate more and more with this link up bc I am a pinterest fanatic.. but I never seem to do anything with my pins except in the fashion department. I do try a lot of the outfits.. but that's where the problem comes in. I am no fashion blogger. But I do love fashion and I do love fashion bloggers. So here's my pitiful attempt at trying to steal their thunder..

Source: nyheter24.se via Callie on Pinterest

Please ignore the poor picture quality....


  1. you're gorgeous! I've always been intrigued by the black on black on black as well. Love your boots chicky!

    thank you for linking up and hope you keep at it!!

  2. I love it Callie! You look hot!!!

  3. You look so good!!! LOVING the black with the statement necklace. Go you!!

    Thank you for linking up with us sweet girl!! xoxo