Over The Weekend

Let's just say the weekend was adventurous... to say the least.

Over the weekend, Ann-Hamilton, Momma and I went to Easely Amused to paint the "Cotton Eyed Joe" painting. O my gosh, I have been dying to paint this one, unfortunately ours didn't turn out as planned. We were all hoping we might could actually frame this one and maybe even hang it on the wall... Wrong!!! Although, they turned out better than we thought they were going to as we were painting, the colors do not match anything in any of ours houses... bummer! But... on Monday (let's back up a bit) Stephanie and I went on an Easely Amused date, as well. Yes, you read that right. I went twice in one week, ha. Stephanie and I painted the "Tree of Life" and it actually turned out precious and I...wait for it....... got it framed. It's pretty stinkin cute, if I do say so myself. I strategically hung it on the wall above our bathtub, so you can't get to close to it, to notice its (many) imperfections. Here are a few pictures from the two trips.

My "Tree of Life" Framed.

Stephanie's "Tree of Life"

My "Cotton Eyed Joe"

On Saturday,

Over the weekend, I went to a Christmas themed wedding shower for Amanda Thompson. Anything with Christmas and Bloody Mary's, I'm there with bells on!! She got so many precious Christmas things. I was so jealous. Her little Chicago home is going to be just precious next Christmas!!

Over the weekend, we ate at the Hilltop, delish!!

Over the weekend, I continued my obsession with the new Jason Aldean cd. If you don't have it, get it. Trust me.

Over the weekend, my mother fixed the best/biggest Sunday lunch EVER!!
On the Menu:
Bibbie's Bar B Que Pork Chops
Purple Hull Peas
Homemade Slaw
Squash Casserole
Fried Okra

Pure Deliciousness!!

Over the weekend, I found my hang out spot for the summer.

After the shower, Kendol and I headed to Gwood for the last attempt at deer hunting (for meat) for the year. When we got there, daddy was putting the final touches on his new pier at the lake!! O my gosh, I can't wait to hang out there all day, once it gets a little warmer!!

Those were the fun sweet parts of the weekend, now lets get down to the nitty gritty.

On Sunday afternoon, Kendol and I decided we would go hunting together out in front of my parents house. The deer stand out there is a tent, so we would be covered from the rain and there is always a plethra of does to choose from. We're thinking we'll be out there maybe an hour and will be able to head back to Jackson a little earlier than we usually do... ERRRR WRONG.

If you do not appove of hunting, DO NOT KEEP READING!!!

So, there are 6 deer on the pipeline, I'm ready to shoot, get this over with and head back home at a decent hour. Well I'm at a bad angle, so I attempt to move my chair.... bad idea. They hear me. They leave, all but one. She's smart. She knows what's going on and she starts taunting us... just staring and walking towards us like she thinks she is "Mrs. Hotshot." Then she walks back in the woods and starts stomping and screaming at us. THEN, she has the nerve to come back out and continue to walk towards us, still thinking she is smarter than us...EEERRRRR WRONG. So, Kendol and I discuss if this is Big Mama (Big Mama has been coming to our yard since 2003. She is like a pet to my daddy, so if I shot her, it would be bad... real bad) We come to the conclusion that it is not her, she is not grey enough, so I shoot. One doe down. Get the meat, let's go. NOOOPPPEEE. Stupid deer is still trying to be "Mrs. Hotshot" and be tough. Kendol tells me I need to shoot her again. I say no. She will be alright. Then she has the nerve to try and stand up. So at this point, I agree she is suffering. This is when all hell breaks loose. I shoot. She's dead... so is my face. In my rush to shoot again, my gun backfired and the scope nailed me in the forehead. Not just a bump and a bruise... The scope gashes my forehead open. After I drop the gun, let out a few cuss words (loudly), Kendol cannot figure out what I'm mad about. He assumes I realized it was Big Momma and I've just killed my daddy's pet....Until I turn around... Then he freaks. I knew my head hurt and I knew it was bruised, but I had no idea my face was covered in blood. ME... ONLY ME. So we rush to the house to get it cleaned up. Daddy freaks out. (He is always home alone when I hurt myself... which is pretty often) They clean my face up... put peroxyde and neosporin on it, put on a bandaid  and give me an bag of ice to keep on it while they go tend to the deer. Kendol was even nice enough to bring me a beer haha!  All the while they are both blaming themselves (kendol bc he told me shoot again... daddy bc he bought the gun ahahaha) and discussing whether I need stitches or not. (Stitches... They've lost their minds if they think I'm going to a hospital.) I have still not seen this thing and now it's covered up. So, I tell Kendol we have got to stop by his parents house on the way home, so his mother can tell me if I need stitches. She's a girl, she will be honest as to which solution will leave the smallest scar on my forehead. Then I look in the mirror in the truck and realize that the bandaid they put on is on my eyebrows. Not only will I have a scar on my forehead for the rest of my life, but half of my eyebrows will be gone too ha!! So we stop by Kendol's parents. They can't decide if I need stitches or not, so they send me to Aunt NiNi's. Thankfully she says I don't need stitches and she butterflies it up for me.

So, here I am on Monday morning, face swollen, inch long gash on my forehead, covered with two WHITE (yes white) butterfly bandaids, no make up and glasses. I am going at lunch to buy some of those cute sweater head band things from Turkoyz, so maybe it will cover it up enough to walk out in public ha. I mean, I have to make it to the Bulldog Signing Day party Wednesday, right??

This whole process took about 5 hours and I wish I had it on tape. I'm sure it was all hysterical. But, i'm still trying to figure out who won... "Mrs. Hotshot" or me??... You decide.

As Kendol and Daddy both said, at least you have a good story!!

O and most importantly...
THE BIG 3-0. My how time flies.


  1. Callie, you crack me up!!! Sorry you hurt yourself. We love reading your blogs. Keep 'em coming, take a pic of your face so we can grieve with ya!!! Love JuJu and Kay Kay

  2. Callie, you have to hit up the flea market. It is amazing!! Don't ever pay what you see on the price tags, though. We got that table for $300, and it was originally listed for $450. They have amazing stuff!!