Over The Weekend

Over the weekend... We went to my favorite place on earth!! The Delta.

Over the weekend... While daddy and Kendol spent the night at the deer camp, my mother and I went out to Websters to celebrate Katie's birthday. It's hard to believe we are turning 26. That's almost 30... SCARY!! We had a lovely chat with Katie and Michaelle over fried pickles, chicken quesadillas and fried hot tamales. Just what I have been craving!! Tyler and Chris were at our table too, but I don't really remember them being there ha. Maybe next time, boys!

Over the weekend... My mother and I shopped til we dropped. Well, I did anyways. I purchased Katie's birthday present, a baby shower gift, a wedding shower gift, a wedding gift and one of Kendol's birthday presents! WHEW!! Then, I felt it was time for myself... so I bought myself my first pair of TOM'S!! Yes, you read that right.. I just got some. I'm a little behind, I know. But i'm also, a little obsessed. I haven't taken them off since I got them. I went for the basic black for my first pair.. We'll call them my "LBT's" (Little Black Tom's) LOVE...
Well actually, I lied. I ordered a pair of Tom's off of their website about 3 years ago, when they first came out. They did not send me what I ordered. I have a pair of white Tom's with lime green and navy polka dots that I've never taken out of the box. What am I supposed to wear those with?? I'm too matchy, matchy to just throw them on with anything. Maybe I will come around. Anywho... on to the next!

Over the weekend... We ate entirely too much.. let's just start with Friday night and do a little recap...
Friday at Websters: Fried Pickles, Chicken Quesadillas and Fried Hot Tamales
Saturday: Crab Bisque and Spinach/Artichoke Dip for lunch from the Bistro and Chicken N' Dumplins for supper.
Sunday: BBQ Sandwich and Spicy Fries for lunch from Acy's and Chicken N' Dumplins for supper...
My mom also made rotel and turtle cookies to snack on all weekend...
HELLLLLO!!! Insta-15 lbs...

Over the weekend... I learned to smock. Yes, you read that right. I smocked little Hayes-E-Pooh a bonnet and I have pictures to prove it. I learned 4 things.
1) Cable Stitch
2) Baby Wave
3) Flower
4) Leaf
Just call me Martha Stewart.

Over the weekend... Bulldogs basketball had two SEC victories!! Go Dawgs

Over the weekend... Professional football officially fell off it's rocker.
It all started last weekend when Seattle beat the Saints. Then this weekend, Atlanta fell apart and the Jets beat the Patriots.
What is going on here!!!

Over the weekend... Kendol finally killed a buck. He has been hunting every weekend and has not seen a thing. YAY!!!

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