Out with a Bang, In with the New!


I ended 2010 with a bang!! Last Thursday, I took my last day off, for the year, and I actually had nothing to do and nowhere I was supposed to be going, for once. (This was my third 4 day weekend in a row!!!)So I started the morning off getting my first massage ever, at Aqua the Day Spa. Thanks Kendol!! (christmas present) It was awesome and I wish I could get one every week. Then, I treated myself to a Caramel Hot Chocolate at Cups and took myself to the nail salon. I got my fingers and my toes done in MAROON SPARKLES!! Maroon for Mississippi State, of course, and sparkles for New Years... Pretty fitting for the weekend, I thought. This was huge for me... I never pamper myself, so it was nice. Then we headed to my favorite place in the world, The Delta, to stay with my parents for the 4 day weekend. But we couldn't make it all the way there without a pit stop at People's Drug Store in Lexington to browse the Christmas decor sale. I got three ornaments and two tall skinny snowmen!! They are so cute. I thought I controlled myself pretty good with only 5 purchases... really good actually, to be an over-obsessive Christmas freak!

On Friday, I rode with Momma to Memphis, to pick up Eleanor from her trip to Nashville to see Caitlyn. We, of course, did some shopping. We went to the Pottery Barn outlet and got Ann-Hamilton some new pink polka dot baskets for Hayes' room. I seriously could buy the whole store, but surprisingly, I made it out without purchasing anything. It's a MIRACLE!! We also hit up Anthropologie (and other places) and had lunch at Panera Bread!! Yummy. We then hurried back to home to try and beat the bad weather.

This was my first New Years in a while to not spend out on the town. Instead, Daddy and Kendol didn't even make it to midnight, so they could get up and hunt. Eleanor, Momma and I spent the night on the couch watching the weather channel and chasing the cat, that ran inside when we opened the door to see how bad it was flooding. 2010 went out with a bang, literally!! Some of the loudest thunder and scariest lightening I've ever seen.

~ A bulldog football team with a winning season and a bowl game win!!
On Saturday, we all woke up pretty early to get everything ready for our "tailgate party" for the game! I believe we had plenty of food for the five of us.

Marinated Cheese
Mexican Layer Dip
Hot Wings
Smoked Sausage
Deer Sausage
Peach Cobbler

Cowbelle... Check
Party Food... Check
Game Time!!

The five of us cheered our bulldogs to a 52-14 victory over Michigan in the Gator Bowl!! It's so much more fun to cheer on a team that's winning. I've spent many, many years cheering on the bulldogs but this year has, by far, been the best and most fun. I can't wait for Dan the Man to bring the Gator Bowl and Egg Bowl trophies to Jackson for the signing day party and see what he has to say about this season and next.

A little "Dawgpound Rock" to get the game going!!

I wish (so badly) that I could've been part of this sea of maroon!!

MVP Chris Relf with the Gator Bowl Trophy

Celebration time!

Relf wearing Nick Bell's jersey and holding Nick's mom's hand after the game. The article that goes with this picture will make you cry.
The rest of the weekend consisted of hunting, eating our black eyed peas and cabbage, more football and ended with going to church on Sunday morning.

~New Job!!
This morning, I started my new position at work. I've moved to the other end of the office and will now be working in the Individual Disability Department. I will also continue doing most of my previous position with the Group Department. As for now, I think doing both jobs will be possible, but we will see in a couple of weeks when everything gets going really good. Wish me luck!!

~New Radio for work!!
Also at work, I have downloaded the "new" pandora.com. My pandora (online radio for those of you who don't know) that i've always had was limited to 40 hours of music a month. Everyone says that they have never heard of such, but it would never let me download a new one... Until this morning at my new computer. Hopefully I will have unlimited music for work and will not run out on like the 10th, like I usually do.

~New and Improved Things around the house
As you all should know by now, I get bored with my house very easy and am always changing things around. Here are some new things I have done during the holidays with our new things.

First of all, we didn't change the living room back to it's previous set up, after taking the Christmas tree down. We decided to leave it as is and move our two polka dotted chairs in for more seating. Then there was a need for a table. I had forgotten all about the precious green bedside table that I got from my Great Great Aunt's house. It has a dresser and desk to match, as well. I always thought the color green was awful and I would be re-doing them when I had a place to put them. Turns out, the green matches my chairs perfect. It just needed some new drawer knobs, which I took care of at our trip to Anthropologie!! How cute.

Table with old knob and missing knob.

Knew Knobs!!!!

Finished Product
 Kendol received two new Mississippi State pictures for Christmas, which I used to accessorize the extra bathroom. The walls are green and the shower curtain is black and white toile. I never had a color to accessorize with, but now I do!! So, I can get towels monogrammed and such. YAY!!

MSU picture my parents got him, fits this spot perfect!!

And the one that I got him fits perfect above the towel rack! If you can't tell, that's a map of Mississippi State's campus. I got one of these for "the delta" at MS Gifts, then ran across this one in Jackson. I had to get it! http://www.mycityprints.com/

This is my delta one!!
 Of course, once I re-did the bathroom, I had all of my copper crosses to hang somewhere. So, that led to re-arranging one of the extra bedrooms.

Then there are all of the little things in the kitchen!!

New KitchAid Mixer!! WOO HOOO

Finally got us a much needed spoon rest!! I found it at our trip to Anthropoligie. Hoping our Anthropologie has a different pattern, so I can have two, but not two of the same.
OK OK OK!! That's all for the house... for now!!!

Other Things New....
~I now have to be at work at 7:30, but I get off at 4:30!

~Kendol and I have made it our mission to find a church home, here in Jackson. We can never agree on a church. Kendol is Methodist and very traditional. I am Baptist and am more contemporary. That makes things difficult. We will find one soon! I just know it. Feel free to throw out ideas.

~I am now back on the mission of cutting back on soft drinks since I slacked off during the holidays.
~I also plan to get back into my running and regular exercise that I have slacked off on as well bc it's so cold outside!!

Ok, I believe that's enough "new" for my life for three days. At this point, I think it's safe to say, this years' off to a great start!!


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