Thankful Thursday- I'm One Lucky Girl

To say "He fills my life with GOOD things" is an understatement.. It should read more like "He fills my life with GREAT/AWESOME/FANTASTICAL things!!!"

Can I please just fill yall in on all of the awesome things that are going on the next couple of months????


1. The Saints first pre-season game is tonight. That means it's football season and I believe that calls for a celebration. Pizza and Beer it is at the Collins household tonight. GEAUX SAINTS!!!

2. Ann-Hamilton, Mallory, Katie, Krista and I are going to see SUGARLAND on Friday in Southaven. All sorts of other Gwood folks will be there too, so it will be super fun!! Not only do we get to see Sugarland, but we also get to go eat at the Rendezvous. I know... I know... to alot of folks this not a big deal, but to me... and the rest of us going, IT IS!!! Also, while we are there, we will hopefully get to see Kate, Leslie and Jamie WOO HOO!!

3. MEAGAN RAE is coming home to do her cd release parties the last weekend in August. If you haven't checked out her 6 new songs, I suggest you do it now. meaganraemusic.com I have my table reserved for Websters and my t shirt ordered!!!!!! Can't wait to get that cd in my car and those songs on my ipod!! WOO HOO

4. Mississippi State Footbal kicks off in 23 days against Memphis!! I can't wait for Kendol and I to be in Starkville every weekend ringing our cowbells! Let's hope I'm a little less spastic than last year. (I got so excited at the egg bowl that when I threw my abnorally long arms in the air, I knocked the guy beside me's sunglasses off his head and they landed about 10 rows down... Let's hope his tickets aren't next to ours again)

5. I just ordered tickets for me, Kendol, Kalley, Brister, Havis and Caleb to go see HANK WILLIAMS JR. and JAMEY JOHNSON. I don't think anyone understands how excited I am about this (ok maybe some of you do)... I seriously might pass out when he plays "Dinosaur." Don't ask me why this is my favorite, but it's my favorite song of all times. I will either pass out or jump on stage, haha! (yea right! i'm too terrified of policeman to do that, but it would be awesome) Colt Ford (chicken and biscuits song... so dumb), Josh Thompson and The Grascals will also be there!

6. WEDDINGS, WEDDINGS, WEDDINGS!! Crawfords, Ruthie's, Colin's then ending this wedding season with Wally a & Stephanie's!! and I'm sure I'm leaving some out.. forgive me. Showers and weddings every weekend. I love it :) I should have lots of good stuff for "Wedding Wednesday" Blogs!

7. Baby Hayes will be here in about 102 days!!! (I'm not counting down or anything) AHHH can't wait for these baby showers to get here already.

Before I know it, it will be half marathon time.. which means CHRISTMAS TIME!! Which makes me even more happy, bc that's my favorite time of the year. So blessed!!

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