Marathon Monday- Week 2

This week went a little better than expected! Actually, it went WWWAAAYYY better than expected. The farthest I have ever run is 4 miles and that was back in May. So I started running 2 weeks ago, after a 2 month hiatus, and I'm making ALOT more progress than I thought I would. This past week I ran four times.

8/10- 3.02 Miles
8/11- 2.30 Miles
8/12- 4.13 Miles
8/15- 5.10 Miles

Yes my friends, I ran 5 miles which puts me at week 3 of the training program I am going to follow and I haven't even started it yet. So, I'm pumped!!

Philippians 4:13

P.S. I OFFICIALLY registered for the race this afternoon!! AAAHHH :) If you would like to make a donation to St. Jude through our team please feel free. You can make a donation on my St. Jude Heroes website. www.mystjudeheroes.org/calliepc

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