Crazy Cute Cards

Anyone else out there love getting a good card in the mail from a friend as much as I do? I am terrible at this, but my friend Katie is the best. She sends me a card for everything and I get just as excited every time. 

If there was one thing I could improve on, it would be to send cards on the regular to my friends and family. It's such a simple thing, but can bring about the biggest of smiles. 

Well this morning as I was checking my emails, I had the cutest little email from a lady from CardStore. What is CardStore, you ask? Only the cutest little website for stationary, thank you cards, invitations and more. You can personalize all of the cards with your own message, your own signature and even send them strait to your recipient from the website. I have fallen in love with a few already!!

Inside says "I hope you know how serious that makes me."
This one is my favorite so far. Mine of course would say "Sonic Coke."