Over the Weekend..

While most of the weekend was spent working, we did have a little-bit-o-fun. We had a wedding on Saturday afternoon. Therefore, I slept til 10:30 then did some shopping. Followed by a little time on the couch to watch my main squeeze on a tv special.. Run? What run? Mr. Aldean was calling..

The wedding we attended was for a fraternity brother of Kendol's. It was the most unique and special wedding ever, in the history of ever. They actually met at Wednesday night church and Grant proposed outside of the same church in front of a giant wooden cross. So, they had a video before their vows that showed them sitting in the seats they were in that Wednesday night and proceeded to tell their versions of how their "meeting" occurred and how they "knew." Their was laughter and lots of tears. It was so sweet.

1. Kendol and I at the reception
2. KA Crew doing what they do best
3. Beth and I sporting the boys coats, looking like the mafia.

And of course, one of the best aspects of a wedding is the reunion of friends. It makes me so happy when they are all in the same place, telling the best stories, picking up right where they left off like no time's passed at all. And of course, us ladies catching up on each other's lives and the latest gossip.

And we ended the weekend with some Crockpot Buffalo Chicken Wraps and the ACM's.
Just a few things.
-George is still the King and as precious as ever.
-Garth and Trisha are looking awesome. We need their secrets.
-Blake and Miranda are still the cutest couple on planet earth.
-Luke Bryan's win and little breakdown made my heart so happy.
-P.S. his wife is super fly.
-Shania Twain is just as fabulous as ever.
-Country music makes me so happy.
-The Band Perry's brothers hair gives me anxiety.
-Taylor Swift is still terrible.
-Can someone please explain her dancing during her duet with Tim?


  1. Aww I love weddings!! & Matt & his college friends are the same way when they get together! Most of the fun is watching them together & listening to their old stories!

  2. Luke's wifey is TINY!!! I need to step my game up! haha I hate the Band Perry bros hair too...ugh just so weird. LOVE Kimberly Perry's hair though! Garth looked sooo young I thought!