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Baby Girls

Ann-Hamilton and Ryan are having a little girl!!!!!! Baby Lloyd is now the size of a Mango!! AAAHHHH I can't wait for them to start having showers and decorating the nursery.


Delta Weddings

The last two weekends Kendol and I have been in Greenwood for some gorgeous delta weddings and we have gotten to hang out with lots of old friends we don't get to see that often. With every wedding we attend, I wish more and more that I could be a wedding planner or a photographer so that I could be a part of their special day. (a girl can dream, right?) I love it when couples actually make the wedding's reflect their lives and personalities and not just have a big fancy wedding to outdo the last one and these two weddings did just that.

Last weekend, my good friend David and my cousin Ann got married. They had a gorgeous wedding and reception at North Greenwood. The flowers and her dress were to die for. I'm not sure what kind of flowers her bouquet was made out of but they almost looked like baby pink feathers and it was gorgeous. They had a reception in the fellowship hall complete with glass bottled soft drinks!! So cute. Later that night they had a casual send off party at the Leflore Country Club. Boy, was that a good time! All of the Itta Bena boys were in full effect and Meagan Rae came! Goodness I miss all of them. Colby arrived in true Colby style... Full tux from the waist up and khaki shorts and flip flops from the waist down. The funny thing is, nobody at the party even looked twice, bc it's so typical ha! If he cut the sleeves off and added some jorts, he would have been ready for Talladaga. Love him.

This past weekend Crystal Lee and Charlie got married!! I still can't believe my Cree Cree is married. Crystal-Lee Odom... has a nice ring to it, i'd say! The whole weekend was exactly what I would expect from these two. It was perfect. The weekend started with a delicious cook out at Charlie's grandparents house, complete with fried catfish, kegs and good live music. They had some local guys playing and lots of the groomsmen and friends took turns singing and playing with the band. At the wedding, the bridesmaids all had on different style dresses and the newly married couple walked out of the church to The Beatles "All You Need is Love!!"

In addition to the gorgeous wedding, there were some great (some not so great) surprises along the way. First off, Charlie's good friend Sea Biscuit was there for the festivities. Sea Biscuit is a plastic, gold horse (i assume he's a horse from one of those childrens springy things) that Charlie and his roommate found on the side of the road when they were in college. He instantly became their mascot and has been the life of the party ever since. Sea Biscuit goes everywhere and was every bit a part of the wedding. All of you who know me, know that I love ridiculous, funny stuff like this, so I was laughing hysterically. At the rehearsal dinner, Sea Biscuit was singing with band. At the wedding, he was with Anna and I greeting everyone at the front doors of the church (in a bow tie of course) and at the reception, he was Crystal Lee's chair for the removal of the garter. Not to mention, I'm pretty positive Charlie's grooms cake was the shape of Sea Biscuit, as well. I discovered the cake after it was already cut, but the remains looked to be a gold horse haha. Not only was Sea Biscuit there, but so was Elvis. Crystal Lee is the biggest Elvis fan on the face of the earth and her mother hired an Elvis impersonator to come sing at the reception, as a surprise. Needless to say, the very old, very skinny Elvis was a hit!! What was not so much of a hit was me falling UP the stairs at the Garden Club ha. Miraculously no one saw... not really sure how nobody saw this, bc I can assure you it was dramatic. Also, the delta mosquitos were out in full force and ready to carry me off. They just love me bc they know that their bites are like the size of a quarter on meand they think it's funny. With an outside rehearsal dinner and reception, I bet I used an entire bottle of bugspray.

Regardless of the mosquitos and the fall, delta weddings are the most fun and I can't wait for the next one!

Congratulations to Crystal Lee & Charlie and David & Ann!!!


God's Love

Thank you so much, Mrs. Pennye Makamson Hollister, for reminding me of this on facebook this morning.

"And I pray that you and all God's holy people will have the power to understand the greatness of Christ's love -- how wide and how long and how high and how deep that love is. Christ's love is greater than anyone can ever know, but I pray that you will be able to know that love. Then you can be filled with the fullness of God." Ephesians 2: 18-19


  1. Love Love Love your blogg Callie....will continue reading every time you post something new, just let me know so I don't miss it.

    Love ya,
    Kay Kay

  2. Girl, your blog sounds just like I'm sitting in the room talking to you! I love it! :) You can check mine out too. :)