The Good Life

Ok... so I'm new at this whole blog thing and setting this thing up has been no easy task. The first question it asked me was "What do you want the name of your blog to be?" My response in my head.... "Ummmm I have no idea bc I had no idea my blog had to have a name!!" I'm immediately annoyed because I want it to be all set up perfectly for me... cute background... cute font... pictures everywhere... twitter reel... facebook link.... "How in the world do I figure all of this out... all I want is for mine to be cute like Rachel Dillard's and Meagan Rae's....UGH!!!"

So, back to question one... "What do you want the name of your blog to be?" I immediately thought of the bible verse that I remind myself of everyday. I will call it "The Good Life" after one of my favorite bible verses that I feel fits my life perfectly.


I have got to start somewhere, so I am going to start this blog with all of the GOOD things God has filled my life with recently.


God is going to bless our family with a beautiful new baby!!!!

NOT US... Ann-Hamilton and Ryan are going to have baby in November. This has been the longest four months of my life. 8 days left until we find out what that little booger is and I can start buying everything in sight! CAN'T FREAKIN WAIT!! As of next Tuesday, I will spend my lunch breaks/weekends shopping and I will be broke before I know it, but I don't care. I am going to spoil that little baby rotten.


Days on the boat at "The Rez"

(yes I catch myself calling it "The Rez"... i guess living in "Skankin Rankin" has finally rubbed off on me) great friends, great drinks, beautiful sunshine, the water and getting a tan! Life doesn't get any better than that :)

Country Boys, The Mississippi Delta, Crawfish and Bar B Q (4 of my most favorite things in the world)

Kendol and I went to Clarksdale for a little unofficial Kappa Alpha reunion at "The Shack Up Inn." (gosh I love the Delta) Kendol Cooked crawfish for everyone and Cason smoked a whole hog. We sat around and drank beer and listened to all the boys play guitar and sing every Willie Nelson, Ragweed and Johnny Cash song there is!! On this outing, I also sang karaoke for the first time ever (with the help of a little bit of liquid courage)... I don't want to talk about it... and if you weren't there you missed a once in a lifetime opportunity. Of course, I was no where near the microphone, for fear of busting everyones eardrums, but I sang my little heart out! All in all, it was a great time and Kendol got to see lots of great friends he hasn't seen in a while. (insert major frustration bc it won't let me upload pictures.... maybe i'll figure it out)


Big Awesome Family

In the past year, we have had 6 weddings, added two new babies and have one baby and one wedding on the way! God bless my growing family.


Mini Vacation, Best Friends, Gas and Country Music

Mallory and I ventured up to Nashville to visit Meagan Rae, Elizabeth and Matthew. Needless to say, our trip up there was adventurous. I feel like I should share it.

We leave Wednesday after work and everything is going great. We make it to Southaven in about 2 1/2 hours. We decide to go ahead and get supper and take a little break from the car. We eat at Buffalo Wild Wings and then get back on the road. Little did we know, we were driving strait into a storm. We get about 45 minutes outside of Memphis and the bottom falls out. (for those of you who might not know...i'm not a good driver for long distances, at night or in the rain) So for about an hour we drive anywhere from 40-55 mph. UGH!!! Not to mention truck drivers between Memphis and Nashville DO NOT know how to drive. Then Mallory Decides she has to go to the restroom, so we're thinking we'll stop and maybe the rain will slack up a bit... WRONG... We get back on the road and it's raining harder and about 15 minutes later I realize I need gas (gas light is blinking and we have 45 miles til empty)... Well guess what... there's no exit in sight. Finally, we come to an exit and we take it thinking surely there will be a gas station, even if it's not right off the side of the interstate... WRONG. (Kendol calls at this time and realizes what's going on... now he's paniced as well) So we drive down the road on the exit for a couple of miles and in the meantime the "miles til empty" is getting less and less and I'm beginning to hypervenelate bc I've never gotten this low on gas in my new car and am not sure what it's going to do. On this scary 2 lane road, the only comic relief we have is a giant deer... I'm talking HUGE deer... I think it was taller than me. Whoever kills this Momma is going to have some good eating come deer season.This gets our mind off of the pickle we're in, but only for a second. Then the GPS loses signal and so do the phones. So, Mallory talks me into turning around and getting back to the interstate. I am in complete panic mode and am acting a fool. We are making our way back to the interstate and we see the deer again (enter comic relief for .5 seconds). Then we look down and the gas light is no longer giving mileage... IT HAS FLATLINED. Good news is we made it to an exit and got gas... next bad thing is we are now about an hour behind schedule. We FINALLY get to Nashville and the gps takes us strait to our destination... only it's not the right one. I had selected Elizabeth's address on accident, so then we have to drive thirty minutes back where we came from to Meagan Rae's. Estimated trip time: 6 hours... Actual trip time: 8 hours.

While we were in Nashville we did all kinds of stuff. We shopped around Franklin, ate a lot of good food, went downtown to the cma festivities and saw Doug Stone and Diamond Rio, met Cowboy Troy, saw Ty from the Bachelorette, went to the bar (I forgot how to dance... I caught myself snapping alot to the rap music), rode by Alan Jackson and Vince Gill's houses, took pictures with George Strait and Jason Aldean (ok..ok.. they were cardboard cutouts) and went to CMA Music Fest to see Julianne Hough, Josh Turner, Miranda Lambert, Keith Urban, Reba and Kid Rock. (Insert more frustration bc I would love to upload pictures.. maybe i'll figure it out soon)

We left Nashille on Saturday and drove back to Memphis to see Kate, Leslie and Jamie. It has been wayyyyyyyy too long. The last time I saw Kate she was single and in school... now she has a boyfriend (that I still haven't met...) and is a Doctor!! AHHHH Way to go Dr. Lassandrello!! 5 months without seeing these girls is not ok.. We all went to eat sushi and just caught up on the last couple of months. Good Times!

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